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Data Management Services

Solicitation ID: RFP01-CIO-23-150

Status: Closed

Contact Name: Jeff Zimmermann

Contact Number: 979-458-6410

Contact Email: jzimmermann@tamus.edu

Response Due Time: 2:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 710

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 5/12/2023

Response Due Date: 7/26/2023

Last Modified: 7/26/2023 2:02 pm

Solicitation Description:

The Texas A&M University System (“A&M System”) is seeking proposals for innovative approaches to assist its member universities and agencies (“Member” or “Members”) with the implementation and operations of data management programs as required by Texas Government Code, Section 2054.137, and other data governance needs as required by each Member.

It is the intent of A&M System to establish a master services agreement (“Agreement”) with one or more firms (referred to as “Respondent” or “Vendor”) to meet the needs of its Members per the requirements listed in Section 3 of the attached Request for Proposal.

Addendum: Addendum 1 issued to extend the due date of the RFP. 5/31/2023
Addendum 2 issued to answer questions submitted and extend the due date. There is also a pre-proposal meeting scheduled. See the attached Addendum 2 documents. 6/21/2023
Addendum 3 issued to provide information from the pre-proposal conference and address additional questions submitted. 7/17/2023

Class/Item Code(s): 92005-Application, Infrastructure, Hosting And Cloud Computing Services
92024-*Data Conversion Services
92040-*Programming Services, Computer (Including Mobile Device Applications)
92045-*Software Maintenance/Support
92046-*Software Updating Services