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STAR CHIP Managed Care Services

Solicitation ID: HHS0011152

Status: Closed

Contact Name: Iris Triana-Zuniga

Contact Number: 512-406-2489

Contact Email: Iris.Triana-Zuniga@hhs.texas.gov

Response Due Time: 10:30 AM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 529

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 12/7/2022

Response Due Date: 3/3/2023

Last Modified: 3/3/2023 10:32 am

Solicitation Description:

The State of Texas, by and through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), announces the request for proposals (RFP) No. HHS0011152 for State of Texas Access Reform (STAR), Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Managed Care Services, and Healthy Texas Women (HTW) (collectively STAR & CHIP).

Class/Item Code(s): 95856-Health Care Management Services (Including Managed Care Services)
91520-Call Center Services
94807-Administration Services, Health


1ESBD_File_309168_RFP HHS0011152 STAR CHIP Managed Care Services.pdfHHS0011152 RFP
2ESBD_File_309168_STAR CHIP Exhibits and Attachments.zipHHS0011152 Exhibits and Attachments
3ESBD_File_309168_Exhibit Q - Procurement Library.zipHHS0011152 Procurement Library
4ESBD_File_309168_PCS_ 121_HHS0011152_ Solicitation Addendum 1 Acknowledgement.pdfHHS0011152 Solicitation Addendum 1 Acknowledgement Form
5ESBD_File_309168_Addendum 1_Attachment 1_HHS0011152_STAR&CHIP Pre-Proposal Conference Attendance Report.pdfAttachment 1 HHS0011152 Pre-Proposal Conference Attendance Report
6ESBD_File_309168_Addendum 1_Attachment 2_HHS0011152_STAR&CHIP Pre-Proposal Conference Presentation.pdfAttachment 2 HHS0011152 Pre-Proposal Conference Presentation
7ESBD_File_309168_PCS 121_HHS0011152_Solicitation Addendum No.2 Acknowledgement.pdfAddendum No. 2 Acknowledgement Form
8ESBD_File_309168_HHS0011152 HHSC Responses to Solicitation Questions.pdfAddendum No. 2 HHSC Responses to Questions
9ESBD_File_309168_PCS 121_HHS0011152_Solicitation Addendum No.3 Acknowledgement.pdfAddendum No. 3 Acknowledgement Form
10ESBD_File_309168_HHS0011152 Solicitation Addendum No.3.pdfAddendum No. 3 Solicitation Addendum
11ESBD_File_309168_PCS 121_HHS0011152_Solicitation Addendum No.4 Acknowledgement.pdfAddendum No. 4 Acknowledgement Form
12ESBD_File_309168_Exhibit Q - Procurement Library_01_26_23.pdfAddendum No. 4 Exhibit Q - Procurement Library
13ESBD_File_309168_Exhibit Q - Procurement Library_01_26_23.zipAddendum No. 4 Exhibit Q - Procurement Library
14ESBD_File_309168_PCS 121_HHS0011152_Solicitation Addendum No.5 Acknowledgement.pdfAddendum No. 5 Acknowledgement Form
15ESBD_File_309168_Exhibit H – STAR CHIP Scope of Work (SOW)_Amendment 1_Addendum 5.pdfAddendum No. 5 Exhibit H – STAR CHIP Scope of Work (SOW)_Amendment 1_Addendum 5
16ESBD_File_309168_Exhibit N - HUB Subcontracting Plan_Addendum No.5.pdfAddendum No. 5 Exhibit N - HUB Subcontracting Plan
17ESBD_File_309168_Exhibit P - Consensus Scoring Rubric_Addendum No.5.pdfAddendum No. 5 Exhibit P - Consensus Scoring Rubric
18ESBD_File_309168_HHS0011152 STAR&CHIP Exhibits and Attachments.zipAddendum No. 5 HHS0011152 STAR&CHIP Exhibits and Attachments
19ESBD_File_309168_PCS 121_HHS0011152_Solicitation Addendum No.6 Acknowledgement.pdfHHS0011152 Solicitation Addendum No.6 Acknowledgement Form
20ESBD_File_309168_HHS0011152 Addendum No.7.zipHHS0011152 Solicitation Addendum No.7 Acknowledgement Form
21ESBD_File_309168_PCS 121_HHS0011152_Solicitation Addendum No.8 Acknowledgement.zipAddendum No. 8 Acknowledgement Form