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Solicitation ID: 332-RFO23-1003

Status: Addendum Posted

Contact Name: Cheryl Mathis

Contact Number: 512-475-3991

Contact Email: cheryl.mathis@tdhca.state.tx.us

Response Due Time: 10:00 AM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 332

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 2/21/2023

Response Due Date: 3/24/2023

Last Modified: 3/16/2023 10:53 am

Solicitation Description:

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (the Department) is requesting offers from qualified and experienced Vendors who have demonstrated a record of accomplishments with Section 8 rental assistance and accounting management software in accordance with the applicable rules, laws and regulations.  Although, the Department is a state agency, it performs in the capacity of a Public Housing Authority. As a public entity there are procurement requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as published in the Federal Regulations at 24 CFR Part 982 Tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher Program.

This procurement will include the following programs, but could include similar programs in the future:  

§  Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program – Tenant-Based

§  Section 8 Non Elderly Disabled vouchers – Tenant-Based

§  Section 8 Veterans Assistance Supportive Housing –Tenant Based and Project Based (24 CFR Part 983)

§  Section 8 Mainstream vouchers – Tenant-Based

§  Section 8 Emergency Housing vouchers – Tenant-Based


The Department currently provides rental assistance to up to 2,598 Housing Choice Vouchers Section 8 holders throughout Texas.  The programs noted above work in various areas of the state.

The mission of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is to administer its assigned programs efficiently, transparently, and lawfully and to invest its resources strategically and develop high quality affordable housing, which allows Texas communities to thrive.

Addendum: EXHIBIT E Information Security and Privacy Agreement 3/16/2023
EXHIBIT E Information Security and Privacy Agreement - Corrected Header 3/16/2023
Agreement.pdf EXHIBIT E Information Security and Privacy Agreement - Corrected Header 3/16/2023

Class/Item Code(s): 20810-*Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing And Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, Etc.
20811-*Application Software, Microcomputer
20820-*Business Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, Etc.
20800-Computer Software For Microcomputers, Systems, Including Cloud-Based (Preprogrammed)
20821-Business Intelligence Software
20832-*Customer Relationship Management Software (Crm)
20837-*Database Software
20900-Computer Software For Mini And Mainframe Computers (Preprogrammed)
20911-*Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing And Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, Etc.
20913-*Application Software, Minicomputer
20938-*Database Software
20954-*Internet And Web Site Software For Main Frame Computers
20977-*Real Estate/Property Management
20987-*Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Not Otherwise Classified)
92000-Data Processing, Computer, Programming, And Software Services
92002-*Access Services, Data
92003-*Application Service Provider (Asp) (Web Based Hosted)
92004-*Applications Software (For Main Frame Systems)
92005-Application, Infrastructure, Hosting And Cloud Computing Services
92007-*Applications Software For Microcomputer Systems: Business, Mathematical/Statistical, Medical, Scientific, Etc.
92014-*Applications Software (For Minicomputer Systems)
92013-Advanced Authentication System Software Services (Including Maintenance And Repair)
92017-Electronic Forms Services
92021-*Data Entry Services
92022-*Data Preparation And Processing Services (Including Bates Coding)
92023-*Data Recovery Services
92024-*Data Conversion Services
92028-*Emergency Back-Up Services And Facilities For Data Processing
92037-*Networking Services (Including Installation, Security, And Maintenance)
92039-*Processing System Services, Data (Not Otherwise Classified)
92045-*Software Maintenance/Support
92046-*Software Updating Services
92047-*Support Services, Computer (Includes Computer Warranties)
92049-*Systems/Executive Software, Main Frame
92091-*Training, Computer Based (Software Supported)
92094-*Word Processing Software, Main Frame
92095-*Word Processing Software, Microcomputer