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Youth Robotics

Solicitation ID: 32023-00097

Status: Closed

Contact Name: Keisha Arterberry

Contact Number: 512-936-4669

Contact Email: rfagrants@twc.texas.gov

Response Due Time: 10:00 AM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 320

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 12/15/2022

Response Due Date: 1/25/2023

Last Modified: 1/25/2023 10:01 am

Solicitation Description:

The purpose of the Youth Robotics initiative is to encourage interest in STEM careers by expanding statewide participation in robotics programs in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) by: 1) developing New Team(s) for robotics education competitions, and 2) supporting existing competitive robotics education teams (teams that have competed in a competitive high school robotics competition before).

Class/Item Code(s): 92418-Educational Services, Alternative
92486-Vocational Training, All Types (Including Vocational Rehabilitation And Technical Education)