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AE Services for Maintenance & Renewal Program – Wm. B. Travis Bldg.

Solicitation ID: 303-4-03071

Status: Awarded

Contact Name: James Gonzalez

Contact Number: 512-936-0647

Contact Email: james.gonzalez@tfc.texas.gov

Response Due Time: 3:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 303

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 8/25/2023

Response Due Date: 9/14/2023

Last Modified: 10/19/2023 11:33 am

Solicitation Description:




Buildings – Architectural design


Energy Conservation; New Energy sources


Heating; Ventilating, Air Conditioning – Architectural Services


Interior Design and Space Planning


Lighting (Interior, Exterior) – Architectural Services


Security Systems – Architectural


Drafting Services


Compliance Consulting, American Disabilities Act (ADA)


Engineering Services, Professional


Mechanical Engineering


Structural Engineering


SCOPE:  In accordance with the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapter A, Professional Services, and Rules and Procedures adopted by the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC), TFC is requesting submittal of qualifications to provide prime professional architectural/engineering (A/E) services for Project #24-003-4202

 CONTRACT TERM: It is the intention of TFC to award a Contract for full prime professional architectural/engineering (A/E) services for the term of the project. Services undertaken pursuant to this RFQ will be required to commence within ten (10) calendar days of delivery of a Notice to Proceed. The Project associated with the services requested in this solicitation is anticipated to be One thousand Two Hundred Seventy-Five (1275) calendar days, includes 1 year warranty period.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Provide prime professional Engineering and Architectural services for Maintenance and Renewal of floor plan layouts, finishes, and interior construction of two floor level plates at the William B. Travis building.  Scope may also include Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Architectural, improvements and upgrades that may be identified during the Phase 1 stage of work as noted below in Section III.  Work to be performed under one prime contract including, but not limited to the project description at the William B. Travis building, 1701 N. Congress Ave., in Austin, TX.

 The mandatory pre-submittal conferences will be held on Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 2:00 PM and Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 10:00 AM.  Pre-registration is required to participate in the teleconference.

 TFC is using the eProcurement system Bonfire.  Respondents must register for a Bonfire account (No Charge) to submit a response.  Respondents must submit their responses/ submittals at the following link:  https://tfcstate.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/103784





Issue RFQ



Mandatory Pre-Submittal Tele-Conference


Wednesday, 2:00 PM




Mandatory Pre-Submittal Tele-Conference


Thursday, 10:00 AM

Deadline for Submission of Questions



Deadline for Submission of Qualifications & HSP


Tuesday @ 3:00 PM

Notification to Interview







Class/Item Code(s): 90610-Buildings - Architectural Design
90628-Energy Conservation
New Energy Sources (Solar, Etc.) - Architectural Services
Air Conditioning - Architectural Services
90652-Interior Design, Decorating, Space Planning, Exhibits and Displays
90658-Lighting (Interior, Exterior) - Architectural Services
90678-Security Systems
Intruder And Smoke Detection - Architectural
92533-92533 - Engineer Services, Professional (Inactive, effective January 1, 2016)
92567-Mechanical Engineering
92588-Structural Engineering


1ESBD_File_334651_RFQ 303-4-03071 AE for Maint Renewal WBT Project FINAL.pdfRFQ Solicitation Document
2ESBD_File_334651_303-4-03071 Attachment C - HUB Compliance Reporting System - Online Process Guide.pdfAttachment C - HUB COMPLIANCE REPORTING SYSTEM – Online HSP Process Guide
3ESBD_File_334651_303-4-03071 Attachment D - AE Professional Services Contract Template.pdfAttachment D - AE Professional Services Template
4ESBD_File_334651_303-4-03071 Addendum #1 FINAL.pdfAddendum #1 to RFQ 303-4-03071
5ESBD_File_334651_303-4-03071 Attachment AA-1 Project Guide - TFC Federated System of BIM Revit Models.pdfAttachment AA-1 Project Guide - TFC Federated system of BIM Revit Models
6ESBD_File_334651_303-4-03071 Attachment AA-2 Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Workflow Diagram.pdfAttachment AA-2 Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Workflow Diagram
7ESBD_File_334651_303-4-03071 Attachment F - Building Information Model and Asset Management Guidelines, Revised 9-6-2023.pdfAttachment F - Building Information Model and Asset Management Guidelines, Revised 9-6-23

Contractor Name Mailing Address Value Per Contractor Contractor Hub Status Award Date Award Status
McKinney York Architects 1301 E. 7th St., Austin, TX 78702 2890000.00 HUB CERTIFIED 10/19/2023 Full Award