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RFQ: Consulting Svcs for Procurement Assistance: Border Infrastructure and Support Program Manager

Solicitation ID: 303-1-02172

Status: Awarded

Contact Name: Rico Gamino

Contact Number: 512-936-3567

Contact Email: rico.gamino@tfc.state.tx.us

Response Due Time: 3:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 303

Days Solicited: 14+ Days for Entire Solicitation Package

Solicitation Posting Date: 7/1/2021

Response Due Date: 7/19/2021

Last Modified: 8/27/2021 10:00 am

Solicitation Description:

The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) is the state agency charged by statute with charge and control of state buildings, grounds and property, maintenance or repair of state buildings, grounds, property and for construction of state buildings. Additionally, TFC has been directed by the Governor and State leadership to hire a Program Manager to oversee the construction of a Texas border wall, lead the process of planning and scoping the project, and hire the contractors and subcontractors needed to build the wall.  The Commission has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The scope of consulting services to be provided to the Commission is in the following areas: project leadership, management, content research and development, agency coordination, strategic procurement planning, RFP development and coordination to those areas identified in Section below.

Pursuant to TGC 2254.029 (b), the Commission has previously received these services through a professional services agreement and intends to award these consulting services to that firm unless a better offer is received.

AUTHORITY. This Request for Qualifications No. 303-1-02172 (RFQ) is issued in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 2254, Subchapter B, Consulting Services.

SCOPE OF SERVICES. TFC issues this RFQ inviting interested vendors to submit their Statement of Qualifications, pursuant to Section II, Statement of Qualifications below, primarily for content research and development, agency coordination, strategic procurement planning and Request for Proposal development. Respondents shall provide information, evidence and demonstrated qualifications that will permit awarding a contract in a manner that provides the best value to the TFC. The TFC requires the assistance of a consultant in carrying out its responsibilities. Respondents wishing to act as a consultant to the Agency, and able to meet the terms of this RFQ, are invited to submit demonstrated relevant experience and qualifications in support of strategic procurement planning and Request for Proposal development. Upon selection of the “Successful Respondent” and the negotiation of cost, TFC will seek to negotiate a fair and equitable scope of work and fee as a best value for the State.

The TFC is a part of the Executive Branch of Texas State Government. The TFC will not relinquish control over all operations. The Successful Respondent shall function under the supervision of the TFC. The Successful Respondent will be subject to the same scrutiny and oversight that would apply if all work were performed by TFC employees. Accordingly, all work must be conducted in adherence to applicable statutes and the highest ethical standards. All Respondents should read and be familiar with the Chapters 2155, 2156, 2165, 2166, 2206, 2254, and 2269 of the Texas Government Code and the State of Texas Uniform General Conditions for Construction Contracts.

CONTRACT TERM. It is the intention of the Commission to award a contract commencing as of the date of execution and continuing for an initial term through December 31, 2021. Subject to mutual agreement, The TFC may renew this contract for an additional mutually agreeable term, if necessary. The decision to renew will be at the sole and absolute discretion of TFC.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: TFC reserves the right to change the dates shown below:


Issue RFQ - 7/01/2021

Deadline for Submission of Questions - 7/12/2021

Deadline for Submission of Qualifications & HSP - 7/19/2021, Monday, 3:00 PM

Execute Contract, 8/02/2021

Addendum: Addendum 1 posted to answer question recieved. 7/13/2021

Class/Item Code(s): 91887-Purchasing Consulting (Incl. Specification Development)
91890-*Strategic Technology Planning And Consulting Services
91893-Security/Safety Consulting


1ESBD_File_245214_RFQ 303-1-02172.pdfRequest for Qualifications Document
2ESBD_File_245214_Attachment A - HUB Subcontracting Plan.pdfAttachment A - HUB Subcontracting Plan Forms
3ESBD_File_245214_1-02172 Addendum 1.pdfAddendum 1

Contractor Name Mailing Address Value Per Contractor Contractor Hub Status Award Date Award Status
Broaddus & Associates 1301 S. Capital of Texas Highway, Suite A-302, Austin, TX 78746 160000 HUB CERTIFIED 8/10/2021 Full Award