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Commissioning Services for DSHS Buildings

Solicitation ID: 303-1-01271

Status: Awarded

Contact Name: James Gonzalez

Contact Number: 512-936-0647

Contact Email: james.gonzalez@tfc.state.tx.us

Response Due Time: 3:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 303

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 3/23/2021

Response Due Date: 4/13/2021

Last Modified: 10/21/2021 9:52 am

Solicitation Description:

SCOPE:  In accordance with the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapter A, Professional Services, and Rules and Procedures adopted by the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC), TFC is requesting submittal of qualifications to provide professional Commissioning services for Project #20-013-5485, in support of Deferred Maintenance for DSHS Multiple Building Project, located on the DSHS Campus, 100 West 49th St., Austin, TX.

CONTRACT TERM: It is the intention of TFC to award a Contract for professional Building Commissioning services for the term of the project. Services undertaken pursuant to this RFQ will be required to commence within Ten (10) calendar days of delivery of a Notice to Proceed. The Project associated with the services requested in this solicitation is anticipated to be one thousand ninety-five (1095) calendar days.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Provide professional commissioning services during the pre-design phase, design phase, construction phase, and post-construction/warranty phases at the DR. Bob Glaze Laboratory (DBGL), supporting Central Plant (DHNP) and Chemical Storage Building (DHH) located on the DSHS campus in Austin, Texas. Three Bid Packages will be released initially for Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMR) solicitations by end of June 2021 with a fourth Bid Package expected by end of June 2022.  Commissioning services will require support for each of these Bid Packages as they progress through the phase stages. Bid Packages 5 & 6 are not in the scope for this solicitation but are identified below.

a)     Bid Package 1- Includes replacement of DBGL Controls system, supply terminals, exhaust terminals.

b)     Bid Package 2 – Includes replacement of DBGL two rooftop AHU’s, three LEU’s and controls.

c)      Bid Package 3 – Includes new generator set capable of supplying entire DBGL and DHNP power needs to maintain Lab in the event of power failures. Service transformers, main gear, etc.

d)     Bid Package 4 – DHNP expansion and equipment replacement. Chillers, cooling towers, hydronic pumps, boilers, electrical gear, etc.

e)     Bid Package 5 – Chemical Building (DHH) design or improvements.

Bid Package 6 – Site improvements, DBGL exterior cladding and roof replacements on DBGL, DHNP, RBB, K & F Buildings


The professional Commissioning Scope of Service includes, but is not limited to, peer review of design documents, provision of Commissioning specification to Engineer of Record (EOR),  coordination and witnessing of equipment testing, witness, verification and documentation of correctly operating equipment, controls system and life safety systems, review of TAB report, coordination with TFC, EOR, and CMR to address issues identified during all phases, and final reporting on each GMP Packages 1-4.

The PSP will work closely with TFC and collaborate with A/E, CMR, and contractors during all phases of each Bid Package of the Project, as described in Contract.   Promptly communicate with pertinent parties, including topics regarding information needs and responses to needs of other parties. CxA is required to additionally communicate and share all described commissioning services with DSHS’ designated Ongoing Commissioning Agent while always ensuring the Owner-Directed Representative (ODR) is included in all communique.  DSHS' Ongoing CxA must be notified of inspections and operational testing times, with DSHS’ CxA witnessing optional.   DSHS’ CxA will be copied on all correspondence, reporting data, sign-offs, etc. Design, Construction, CXA, and CxA activities will not be delayed if DSHS' CxA cannot attend or elects not to participate. 

Provide enhanced commissioning services for pre-design, design, construction, post-construction, and warranty phases necessary and/or reasonably inferable from Attachment G, Project Scope of Work descriptions, Attachment F, AE Requested Commissioning Scope of Work, and Attachment D, Professional Services Agreement template.

Develop Pre-Design Acceptance Requirements for the Project in accordance with all applicable guidelines and standards.

Develop and update commissioning plan throughout project.

Develop and update commissioning specifications.

Provide design and submittal reviews, commissioning related documents to incorporate into the construction documents, installation verification, functional performance testing, and operations and maintenance (O&M) training to ensure the project requirements.

Provide input on the overall master schedule where commissioning related tasks are to be performed.

Develop procedures for an issues log to track all commissioning related issues, deficiencies, and resolutions.

Provide a final commissioning report.


MANDATORY PRE-SUBMITTAL TELECONFERENCES: The mandatory pre-submittal conferences will be held on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 10:00 AM and Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 10:00 AM.  Pre-registration is required to participate in the teleconference. Respondents must have an employee of their firm attend at least one (1) of the two (2) scheduled pre-submittal teleconferences. TFC shall reject submittals submitted by firms that did not attend one of the mandatory pre-submittal conferences.

TFC is using the eProcurement system Bonfire.  Respondents must register for a Bonfire account (No Charge) to submit a response.  Respondents must submit their responses/submittals at the following link: https://tfcstate.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/40090








Issue RFQ



Mandatory Pre-Submittal Conference


Tuesday, 10:00 AM




Mandatory Pre-Submittal Conference


Wednesday, 10:00 AM

Deadline for Submission of Questions



Deadline for Submission of Qualifications & HSP


Tuesday @ 3:00 PM

Notification to Interview





If Interviews are NOT required by TFC


Award by Commission


Execute Contract


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Class/Item Code(s): 90608-Automation
Instrumentation - Architectural Services
90630-Fire Protection - Architectural Services
Air Conditioning - Architectural Services
90678-Security Systems
Intruder And Smoke Detection - Architectural
90692-Utilities (Gas, Steam, Electric) - Architectural
92507-Air Conditioning, Heating And Ventilating Engineering
92522-Control Systems Engineering
92595-Utilities (Gas, Steam, Electric)/Engineering
96114-Commissioning Of Facilities Services (Functional And Prefunctional)
99215-Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Testing And Calibration Services
99239-Electrical Systems Testing Services
99247-Hvac System Testing, Balancing And/Or Troubleshooting Services
99255-Miscellaneous Testing And Calibration Services

Contractor Name Mailing Address Value Per Contractor Contractor Hub Status Award Date Award Status
Stanley Consultants, inc. 6836 Austin Center Boulevard, Suite 350 Austin, TX 78731 1236000.00 NOT HUB CERTIFIED 10/21/2021 Full Award