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Re-Solicitation of SSE Services for Capital Complex, Phase 2

Solicitation ID: 303-0-02057-A

Status: Awarded

Contact Name: James Gonzalez

Contact Number: 512-936-0647

Contact Email: james.gonzalez@tfc.state.tx.us

Response Due Time: 3:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 303

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 9/15/2020

Response Due Date: 10/14/2020

Last Modified: 1/29/2021 5:18 pm

Solicitation Description:

SCOPE:  In accordance with the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapter A, Professional Services, and Rules and Procedures adopted by the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC), TFC is requesting submittal of qualifications to provide prime professional Site Service Engineer (SSE) pre-design and pre-construction services for the Capitol Complex Phase Two Project, Project #20-028-8011, for two new state office buildings, associated parking structures, and extension of pedestrian mall (“Capitol Mall”) within the Capitol Complex in Austin, Texas; as described further in the project description below.    **NOTE: Award as SSE does not disqualify Respondent of possible award as A/E of Record for Capitol Complex Phase Two Project.**


CONTRACT TERM: It is the intention of TFC to award a Contract for full prime professional architectural/engineering (A/E) services for the term of the project. Services undertaken pursuant to this RFQ will be required to commence within five (5) calendar days of delivery of a Notice to Proceed.   The Project associated with the services requested in this solicitation is anticipated to be forty-two (42) months.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Pre-Design and Pre-Construction services for the Capitol Complex Phase Two Project for two (2) new state office buildings, associated parking structures, and extension of pedestrian mall (“Capitol Mall”) at the current location within the Capitol Complex in Austin, Texas. 

·         New State Office Building:  Approximately ten (10) level office building, totaling 360,000 gross square footage (gsf) located at 15th Street, between Lavaca Street and Colorado Street with underground and above grade parking accommodating 1,650 parking spaces;

·         New State Office Building:  Approximately five (5) level office building, totaling 165,000 gsf located at 15th Street, between Colorado Street and Congress Avenue with underground and above grade parking accommodating 900 parking spaces; and

·         Complete extension of the pedestrian mall, (“Capitol Mall”), located at Congress Avenue, between 15th Street and 16th Street.

The following properties can be described more specifically as follows:

·         State of Texas Parking Lot #8 and Capitol Complex Childcare Facility building grounds:  One full block bounded by Lavaca Street, 16th Street, Colorado Street, and 15th Street; and

·         State of Texas Parking Lot #11 and Capitol District Office (DPS) building grounds:  One half block bounded by Colorado Street, Texas Historical Commission facilities, North Congress Avenue, and 15th Street;

·         North Congress Avenue extending from 16th Street to 15th Street.

It is the intent of this solicitation to also award for geotechnical services which will include pier observations and testing during the construction and concrete placement of structural piers.

No construction is contemplated as part of this solicitation for professional services. 


The SSE shall conduct work and provide professional site environmental and engineering services, as described in this RFQ, necessary for successful planning, design, and construction of the Project in accordance with TFC’s requirements.  Scope of work shall include a traffic impact analysis study, an environmental site assessment, existing underground utility surveys, topographic surveys, site surveys, and other services as described below.  Dependent on outcome of surveys, additional investigations and/or abatement may be required and will require assisting TFC in soliciting for these services and coordinate with third party contractor for removal and abatement of suspect materials.

The SSE shall perform the following pre-design services:

·         Review Master Plan and all applicable documents and provide detailed on-site investigations to estimate available utility capacity for construction.  Identify all permits required for site and utility work.  Coordinate with utility providers and local units of government to ensure all utilities are available for the project development and not in conflict with other utilities.

·         Conduct Phase I environmental site assessment per ASTM E1527.

·         Conduct Phase II environmental site assessment per ASTM E1903 as appropriate and dependent upon Phase I environmental site assessment results.

·         Perform site surveys to enable separate buildings and parking structures to be parceled so each asset has an independent title.

·         Conduct archival research to determine potential of existing archeology in accordance with Texas Historical Commission guidelines.

·         Dependent upon archival investigation results, and as directed by the Texas Historical Commission, conduct subsurface investigation to determine existing archeology.  If required by investigation, define the scope of services required, assist TFC in soliciting for these services, and coordinate with third party contractor for preservation or relocation of archeologically sensitive materials.

·         Detailed on-site investigations and review of existing documents.  Conduct soil investigations and geotechnical assessments along with submission of preliminary and final reports and recommendations.

·         Provide an ALTA survey includes metes and bounds, all existing utilities, existing structures and easements.  Provide topographical and tree surveys.

·         Provide traffic engineering analysis including existing data analysis, trip generator distribution studies and a traffic impact analysis report to study the effect of the new project to the existing street infrastructure and gain approval from the City of Austin, Transportation Department for the new development.

·         Conduct geotechnical studies including test log borings at the site of the proposed project structures to allow for recommendations of structural systems.

·         Take steps to initiate and shepherd the project through the AULCC review process.

·         Provide pier drilling and detailed construction site observations and testing of concrete during the placement of piers.

·         Deliver comprehensive report of all findings, for review and approval.

A/E services shall be offered with the understanding of full compliance with non-discrimination requirements of the State of Texas by the A/E. 


MANDATORY PRE-SUBMITTAL TELECONFERENCES: The mandatory pre-submittal conferences will be held on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 10:00 AM and Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 10:00 AM.  Pre-registration is required to participate in the teleconference. Respondents must have an employee of their firm attend at least one (1) of the two (2) scheduled pre-submittal teleconferences. TFC shall reject submittals submitted by firms that did not attend one of the mandatory pre-submittal conferences.

TFC is using the eProcurement system Bonfire.  Respondents must register for a Bonfire account (No Charge) to submit a response.  Respondents must submit their responses/submittals at the following link: https://tfcstate.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/31873 








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Class/Item Code(s): 90666-Planning, Site (Installation And Project)
90738-Drafting Services
91855-Geological Consulting And Study
91894-Traffic Consulting
92517-Civil Engineering
92533-Engineer Services, Professional
92536-Engineering Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
92542-Foundation Engineering
92556-Inspecting, Structural/Engineering
92586-Surveyor Services, Land
92593-Traffic And Transportation Engineering
96148-Laboratory And Field Testing Services (Not Otherwise Classified) Incl. Hazardous Waste
96291-Utility Locator Service (Underground)

Contractor Name Mailing Address Value Per Contractor Contractor Hub Status Award Date Award Status
Sunland Group, Inc. 1812 Centre Creek Dr., Suite 350 Austin, TX 78754 1617219.79 HUB CERTIFIED 1/21/2021 Full Award