Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) Statewide Contracts

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Contract Number Contract Description Contract Type Contract Category Start Date Expiration Date Contract Details
TXMAS-22-36001 Floor Covering, Floor Covering Installation and Removal Equipment, and Supplies TXMAS TxSmartBuy 1/28/2022 6/4/2023 Details
TXMAS-22-42001 Furniture: Dormitory Furniture, Auditorium Seating, School Furniture TXMAS TxSmartBuy 6/7/2022 2/18/2024 Details
TXMAS-22-42502 Office Furniture TXMAS TxSmartBuy 10/7/2021 3/30/2026 Details
TXMAS-22-61501 Office Supplies, General TXMAS TxSmartBuy 3/21/2022 8/11/2024 Details
TXMAS-22-68001 Police, Correctional Facility And Security Access Equipment And Supplies TXMAS TxSmartBuy 5/1/2022 11/1/2023 Details
TXMAS-22-74501 Road and Highway Building Materials, Asphaltic TXMAS TxSmartBuy 5/26/2022 12/20/2023 Details
TXMAS-22-80101 Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment, and Related Supplies TXMAS TxSmartBuy 11/30/2021 11/29/2026 Details
TXMAS-22-80102 Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment, and Related Supplies TXMAS TxSmartBuy 1/6/2022 4/24/2025 Details
TXMAS-22-90501 Airplane Services TXMAS TxSmartBuy 7/29/2022 3/9/2024 Details
TXMAS-22-93601 Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance and Repair TXMAS TxSmartBuy 5/26/2022 6/21/2025 Details
TXMAS-22-96201 Moving and Relocating Services TXMAS TxSmartBuy 10/7/2021 8/23/2025 Details
TXMAS-22-98101 Air Conditioning Equipment and Accessories Rental or Lease TXMAS TxSmartBuy 1/11/2022 2/14/2026 Details
TXMAS-23-07501 Lifts and Hoists, Floor Type: Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic TXMAS TxSmartBuy 12/20/2022 4/13/2024 Details
TXMAS-23-44501 Hand Tools, Powered and Non-Powered, Including Accessories and Supplies TXMAS TxSmartBuy 12/24/2022 12/14/2027 Details