Contract Details: # 962-S3

Number 962-S3
Description Temporary Personnel - WorkQuest
Category Managed
Type Term
Start Date 9/1/2002
End Date 11/30/2026
Purchase Category Code(Agencies Only) Doc Type 9 – Texas Government Code § 2155.441, Document Type 9 purchases should have a blank or “0” PCC field depending on whether the entry is to USAS or CAPPS
NIGP Code(s) 962-69
CPA Contract Management Questions regarding contract management issues, price changes, amendments or other post-award concerns should be directed to:

SPD Contract Management Office (SCMO)
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA)
Phone: (512) 463-3034 option 3
Contract Items and Pricing

962-S3 WorkQuest Temporary Personnel FY23 Rates

962-S3 WorkQuest Temporary Personnel FY24 Rates

Contact WORKQUEST for Information Technology (IT) Temporary Personnel. More information may also be found through the Department of Information Resources (DIR) for IT Staffing Services.

Use of Contract:
Texas State Agencies are required to use this contract for their temporary personnel requirements prior to seeking services through an outside vendor or any other contracts outside of SPD.

Customer's internal Purchase orders must include the following information:
Payee ID#: 1-74-197-6051-1
1011 East 53 ½ Street
Austin, TX 78751
SPD Managed Contract No. 962-S3
NIGP Class/Item 962-69
Job Class Code And Job Class Title (Ex: 0006 Receptionist)
Indicate billing rate level: Entry; Experienced; Expert
Estimated No. of Hours
Highway District for the placement location
Name of Personnel (if known at time of issuance of PO)
Begin/End Dates
Work Schedule (as required)

Please scan the purchase order(s) and email to WORKQUEST:

WORKQUEST representatives available for assistance in utilizing this contract:

South Texas Region – Major Cities:
Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio
Mike Pierulla
Regional Representative
1011 East 53 ½ Street
Austin, TX 78751
Office (512) 451-8145
Fax (512) 450-5519
Mobile (512) 699-0575

North Texas Region – Major Cities:
Dallas, Fort Worth, Lubbock, San Angelo, Tyler, Waco
Taylor Jordan
Regional Marketing Manager
3851 NE Loop 820, Suite 230
Fort Worth, TX 76137
Phone: 817-232-8836
Fax: 817-232-8857

The WORKQUEST regional representatives shall assign each customer with a primary and secondary provider. The PROVIDER(S) will assign a job order manager for each customer.

State of Texas agencies are required to request personnel from their primary and if the primary is not able to make a placement, contact with the secondary provider is required. If the WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS cannot provide a placement, the agency shall request confirmation of such in writing (email or fax) from the provider(s) for documentation for the procurement file prior to seeking outside temporary personnel vendors.

The customer shall contact their primary/secondary providers to place job orders indicating their skill sets and requirements and for any changes, complaints and questions.

WORKQUESTwill provide 10 working days notice of any changes.

The PROVIDER(S) shall advise the customer within no more than four (4) business hours of the status of the job order.

For emergencies after regular working hours, a twenty-four hour answer service, such as answering machine, pager, or message service shall be provided by WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS.

Job Classifications:
The job classification index listed in this contract is in accordance with the State of Texas State Auditor's job classifications. Search for a job description for each classification at the following link and print out for your file and/or as a reference: State of Texas State Auditor's Job Classification Descriptions for the 2022-2023 Biennium.

State Coverage:
WORKQUEST provides temporary personnel for the following TXDOT Highway Districts:
01 through 10
12 through 20
21 through 24

The counties for each of the listed districts can be found at the following link: Districts Map

Hourly Rates:
The Texas Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities (TCPPD) has approved the hourly rates published in this contract. The rates consists of a base, midpoint and maximum hourly billing rate.

Learn more about TCPPD at the following website:

WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall be responsible for the Acts or omissions of its temporary employees and agents in performing this contract. WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall indemnify and save state purchasers, purchasing officers, and employees harmless against any claim arising from said acts or omissions of WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS temporary employees and agents and shall comply with all federal and state tax laws and withholding requirements. Individual state agencies shall not be liable to WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS or its employees for unemployment or worker's compensation coverage or federal and state tax withholding requirements.

WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall inform the temporary personnel, prior to beginning work under this contract, of the policy that all soliciting is prohibited on state agency premises.

WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall carry as a minimum the following insurance coverage in such form and with such carrier which are satisfactory to the customer:

1. Workers Compensation Insurance in an amount sufficient by virtue of the laws of the State in which the work or any portion of the work is performed.
2. Employers Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $500,000.00 per occurrence.
3. General Public Liability Insurance in which the limits of liability shall be $1,000,000.00 for injuries, including accidental death, to any one person for any one accident involving two or more persons.
4. General Property Damage Insurance in which the limits of liability shall be $500,000.00 for damage to the property of any one person and subject to the same limit for damage to the property of each person for any one accident involving the property of two or more persons.
5. Fidelity or Dishonesty Bonding, $100,000.00 minimum per incident.
6. All insurance policies shall be issued by companies authorized to do business in Texas and shall contain a provision prohibiting cancellation except upon at least 30 days prior notice to the customer. Certified copies of said policies or certifications evidencing such insurance and waiver shall be filed with customer before services begin.

In performing this contract, WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall comply with any and all applicable federal, state or local law including but not limited to:

1. Occupational Safety and Health
2. Equal Employment Opportunity
3. Immigration and Naturalization
4. The American with Disabilities Act
5. State Tax and Insurance Law

Job Accommodations:
WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS, being the legal employer of record, will provide all necessary job accommodations, i.e. special equipment needs, for temporary employees with disabilities under the American Disabilities Act.

Qualified Temporary Personnel and Performance Evaluation:
WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall provide trained qualified personnel to meet the skill sets and perform the duties as required by the customer. The personnel shall be assigned to a specific area and used exclusively in that position. Customers may request interviews prior to placement of personnel.

At the discretion of the customer, a performance evaluation report form shall be completed by the customer's Supervisor for each temporary personnel on assignment. The original copy of the performance evaluation report form shall be reviewed by the customer's supervisor and retained as a permanent record of WORKQUEST'S overall performance. At the discretion of the customer, a copy of each performance evaluation report form shall be sent to WORKQUEST attached with the monthly payment.

Overtime Rate:
The overtime billing rate is determined by multiplying the regular billing rate by a factor of 1.43.

Fulfillment Status:
WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall provide a status update for the required temporary personnel within four (4) business hours of the customer's request.

Replacement Personnel:
If upon arrival to the assignment, the temporary employee is determined unsatisfactory, WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS shall immediately provide a replacement temporary employee by the beginning of the next business day. The customer will not be obligated to make payment to WORKQUEST for the first four (4) hours.

Work Hours:
Normal business hours of work shall be eight (8) hours per day Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Other hours and work on state observed holidays may be arranged if agreed upon between the customer and WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS.

Removal of Personnel For Cause:
The customer may request WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS to remove any temporary personnel for cause, including but not limited to:

1. Poor or non-performance of assigned duties
2. Theft
3. Sexual harassment
4. Abusive language or behavior
5. Improper attire
6. Use of any of the customer's equipment not specific to the assignment without permission.

Replacement Personnel:
The provider at the request of the customer will replace personnel if the employee assigned is:

1. Determined unsatisfactory
2. Fails to report to work on time
3. Terminates employment with WORKQUEST while working on assignment

The provider will respond within four (4) business hours after receipt of replacement requirement by customer and will confirm the personnel who will report to the job on the next business day. In addition, the customer reserves the right to require WORKQUEST to provide a minimum of four (4) hours of training time at NO COST to the state agency, for each replacement requested.

1. Provide each temporary employee placed in the performance of work under this contract with adequate training to perform the work competently.
2. Ensure each temporary employee is thoroughly trained in safety requirements and in use of equipment and tools of their specified trade.
3. Maintain a training record for each temporary employee. The training record shall show, as a minimum, the temporary employee's name, date of employment, and the type of training received. Such records shall be made available to the customer upon request.
4. Be required, at the request of the customer, to give all inexperienced temporary employees a minimum of eight (8) hours of instruction for the specified job requirements prior to the initial placement.

Authority of the Customer:
The administration of this contract as it relates to the procurement of temporary personnel services is vested wholly in the customer. The instructions of the customer are to be strictly and promptly followed by WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS every case. The customer or their authorized representative will determine the amount and quality of the specified work performed which are to be paid for under this contract.

Criminal Background Checks:
When requested by the customer, WORKQUEST/PROVIDERS will perform, at no additional charge, a standard DPS criminal history check which includes Texas information only.

Criminal background checks, which utilize sources other than or in addition to DPS and for areas beyond Texas, are available upon request at an additional fee of $25.00 for each personnel. This additional charge should be included on the purchase order as requested.

Under no circumstances shall any WORKQUEST temporary personnel or their vehicles enter any area not authorized by the customer and/or the DPS Capitol Police. Parking arrangements must be made by the temporary personnel and the Customer's supervisor after the personnel reports to the job assignment. All temporary parking permits must be returned to the customer's supervisor upon completion of the job assignment.

Purchase Order Cancellation The Customer may request that a Contractor cancel a specific line item or an entire purchase order. There shall be no fees charged for cancellation of an item and/or order prior to shipment by the Contractor. A Purchase Order Change Notice should be processed and sent to Contractor.
Contractor Performance The Statewide Procurement Division Contract Management Office (SCMO), a division of the Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA), administers a vendor performance program for use by all customers per Texas Government Code (TGC), §2262.055, and 34 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §20.108. The Vendor Performance relies on the customer's participation in gathering information on vendor performance. State agency customers shall report vendor performance on purchases of $25,000 or more from contracts administered by CPA, or any other purchase of $25,000 or more made through delegated authority granted by CPA (TAC 20.108), or purchases exempt from CPA procurement rules and procedures. State agencies are additionally encouraged to report vendor performance on purchases under $25,000.

Vendor Performance shall be reported through the CPA VENDOR PERFORMANCE TRACKING SYSTEM.

The purpose of the Vendor Performance Tracking System is to:
• Identify vendors that have exceptional performance
• Aid purchasers in making a best value determination based on vendor past performance
• Protect the state from vendors with unethical business practices
• Track vendor performance for delegated and exempt purchases

Contractor Information

VID: 17419760511

Contractor: WorkQuest

Contact Name:


Phone: (512) 451-8145

Address: 1011 East 53 1/2 Street Austin TX 78751