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For instructions on submitting bid responses, please review the posting entity’s solicitation and attached bid documents.


Status: Closed Solicitation ID:   DIR-CPO-TMP-449

Response Due Date: 5/14/2020

Response Due Time: 2:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 313

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 3/10/2020

Last Modified: 5/14/2020 2:02 pm

Solicitation Description:

The purpose of this Request for Offer (RFO) is to solicit responses from potential Respondents to provide Software Solutions to the State of Texas, acting by and through the Department of Information Resources (DIR). In addition, this RFO will accept responses to augment Contracts issued under RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-416.


Addendum 9: 5/4/2020: provides an updated RFO document (version 1.4) and answers all questions received to date. 

Addendum 8: 4/28/2020: provides answers some of the questions received. 

Addendum 7: 4/21/2020: provides an updated Bid Package 2, Pricing Sheet Template, and answers some of the questions received. 

Addendum 6: 4/15/2020: provides the YouTube Link to the Pre-Proposal Webinar, extends the deadline for questions, extends the due date of responses, provides updated RFO and answers some of the questions received. 

Addendum 5: 4/7/2020; provides materials from the pre-solicitation conference held on March 30, 2020, including the attendee list and updated RFO documents. NOTE: Some answers have been deferred to a subsequent addendum.

Addendum 4: 3/27/2020; provides materials for the upcoming re-scheduled Optional Pre-Proposal Conference Webinar, answers to questions and corrected documents.3.

Addendum 3: 3/25/2020; re-scheduled notification for Optional Pre-Proposal Conference Webinar date/time and link to reserve a seat.

Addendum 2: 3/19/2020; webinar cancellation notification to be re-scheduled for a later date/time.

Addendum 1: 3/16/2020; modification to Optional Pre-Proposal Conference.

Addendum: Addendum 6: 4/16/2020 Related Documents. 4/15/2020
Addendum 8: 4/28/2020 Related Documents. 4/28/2020

Class/Item Code: 20422-Computer Kiosks, Informational, Touchscreen Or Keyboard Input
20429-*Data/File Security Hardware/Software, To Include Encryption
20447-*Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Microcomputer)
20464-*Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Firewall Devices, Hubs, Line Drivers, Msaus, Routers, Transceivers, Etc.
20491-*Servers, Microcomputer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, Etc)
20455-*Microcomputers, Multi-Processor
20687-*Servers, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, Etc.)
20655-*Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
20800-Computer Software For Microcomputers, Systems, Including Cloud-Based (Preprogrammed)
20900-Computer Software For Mini And Mainframe Computers (Preprogrammed)
92000-Data Processing, Computer, Programming, And Software Services
92002-*Access Services, Data
92003-*Application Service Provider (Asp) (Web Based Hosted)
92004-*Applications Software (For Main Frame Systems)
92005-Application, Infrastructure, Hosting And Cloud Computing Services
92007-*Applications Software For Microcomputer Systems: Business, Mathematical/Statistical, Medical, Scientific, Etc.
20810-*Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing And Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, Etc.
20811-*Application Software, Microcomputer
20911-*Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing And Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, Etc.
20812-*Architectural Software
20912-*Application Software, Mainframe Computer (Incl. Cobol)
57812-*Biometric Card Reader
20913-*Application Software, Minicomputer
92014-*Applications Software (For Minicomputer Systems)
20914-*Architectural Software (Mini/Mainframe)
20815-*Aviation Software (Flight Control, Ground Support, Testing, Etc)
20820-*Business Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, Etc.
92016-*Biometric Authentication System Software Services (Including Maintenance And Repair)
92020-*Computer Output To Microfilm (Com) Processing Services
92013-Advanced Authentication System Software Services (Including Maintenance And Repair)
88316-*Audiotex Voice Response Systems
92017-Electronic Forms Services
92018-*Computer Aided Design Services
20839-*Desktop Publishing
20818-*Bar Code Software (Microcomputer)
20819-*Biometric Authentication System Software For Microcomputers
88319-*Automatic Call Distribution (Acd) Systems
20620-*Communication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), Network Cards, Etc.
20820-*Business Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, Etc.
20821-Business Intelligence Software
92021-*Data Entry Services
20840-*Driver And Hardware Support Programs
92022-*Data Preparation And Processing Services (Including Bates Coding)
92023-*Data Recovery Services
95823-*Computer Management Services
92024-*Data Conversion Services
20924-*Biometric Authentication System Software For Mini/Mainframe Computers
92027-*E-Commerce Software Development Services
20827-*Communications: Networking, Linking, Etc. (Includes Clustering Software)
20922-*Bar Code Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
91528-*Electronic Information And Mailing Services
20928-*Communications: Networking, Linking, Etc.
92029-*Facilities Management Services, Computer
20830-*Computer Aided Design And Vectorization Software
20831-Course Evaluation Software
83031-Fiberglass Tanks, Gasoline (Including Underground Type)
92031-*Installation Of Computers, Peripherals, And Related Equipment (Including Software)
92032-*Intelligent Transportation System Software (To Include Design, Development, And Maintenance Services)
83932-*Call Answering Telephone Systems (Low Volume)
20832-*Customer Relationship Management Software (Crm)
92033-*Mapping Services, Digitized, Cartography (See 962-52 For Standard Mapping Services)
95635-*Internet Database Subscriptions
95290-Training And Instruction (For Clients, Not Staff)
83835-*Communication Systems, Integrated (Includes Telephone, Clock, Intercom, Etc.)
20836-*Data Processing Software, Microcomputer
20937-*Data Processing Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
20837-*Database Software
92037-*Networking Services (Including Installation, Security, And Maintenance)
20938-*Database Software
20931-*Computer Aided Design
99038-Emergency Personnel Recall Service
92015-*Assessment And Profiling Services Of Software
20843-*Educational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, Etc.
88318-*Auto Attendant Telephone Systems
92019-*Computer Digitizing Services
92019-*Computer Digitizing Services
92025-*Diskette, Cd Rom, And Tape Duplicating Services
92026-*Desktop Publishing Services
92028-*Emergency Back-Up Services And Facilities For Data Processing
92030-*Image Processing And Conversion Services
92039-*Processing System Services, Data (Not Otherwise Classified)
88332-*Computer Telephony Integration (Cti) Systems
92034-*Media Conversion Services
92040-*Programming Services, Computer (Including Mobile Device Applications)
20940-*Desktop Publishing
92440-*Instructor-Led, Classroom Training (Technical)
20841-*Engineering Software
20842-*Edi (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Microcomputer
20845-*Expert System Software
20846-*E-Commerce Software (Microcomputer)
20847-*Games: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, Etc. (See 037-84
And 805-51 For Other Type Games)
20850-*Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, Etc.
20851-*Human Resources Software
20853-*Integrated Software
20854-*Internet And Web Site Software For Microcomputers
20855-*Inventory Management
20856-*Logistics And Supply Chain Software
20857-*Law Enforcement Software
20858-*Language Translation Software
20859-*Library Information Management Software
20860-*Medical Software, All Types
20861-*Ocr And Scanner Software
20863-*Personnel Software
20864-Postage/Mailing And Shipping Software
20865-*Point Of Sale Software
20866-*Professional: Computer Training, Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, Etc.
20867-*Programming: Basic, Assembler, Computer Assisted Software Engineering Tools (Case), Libraries, Etc.
20868-*Project Management
20870-*Printing Software (Microcomputer)
20871-*Purchasing Software
20872-*Purchasing And Accounting Codes For Use With Pc Software
20876-*Real Estate/Property Management
20877-*Recycled Microcomputer Software
20880-*Software, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
20881-*Software For Computer Software Training
20882-*Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, And Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
20883-*Shipping And Postal Management Software
20884-*Spread Sheet Software
20885-*Surveying Systems Software
20886-*Sound Or Music Editing Software, Microcomputer
20887-*Tools, Programming And Case
20888-*Software, Monitoring
20890-*Utilities: Back-Up, Batch File, Firewall, Menus, Operating System, Network Operating System, Network Management, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, Etc.
20894-*Word Processing, Text Editors, Spell Checkers
20941-*Driver And Hardware Support Programs
20942-*E-Commerce Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
20945-*E-Mail Software
20946-*Expert System Software
20947-*Engineering Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
20948-*Games: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, Etc. (See 037-84
And 805-51 For Other Type Games)
20949-*Geographic Information System (Gis) Software
20951-*Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, Etc.
20952-*Human Resources Software
20954-*Internet And Web Site Software For Main Frame Computers
20956-*Inventory Management
20958-*Language Translation Software
20959-*Logistics And Supply Chain Software
20960-*Music Or Sound Editing Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
20962-*Ocr And Scanner Software
20964-*Personnel Software
20966-*Point Of Sale Software
20967-*Professional: Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, Computer Training, Etc.
20968-*Programming: Basic, Assembler, Etc.
20969-*Project Management
20970-*Printing Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
20972-*Purchasing Software
20977-*Real Estate/Property Management
20978-*Recycled Mainframe Computer Software
20982-*Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, And Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
20984-*Shipping And Postal Management Software
20985-*Spread Sheet Software
20987-*Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Not Otherwise Classified)
20988-*Tools, Programming And Case
20991-*Utilities: Back-Up, Batch File, Menus, Network Management, Operating System, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, Etc.
20995-*Word Processing, Text Editors, Label Makers, Spell Checkers, Etc.
28782-*Transmitters, Emergency Alarm Type (To Incl. Equipment Operation Status Reporting)
55090-*Transportation Systems, Intelligent (An Automated Information System Which Provides Traffic Management, Communications, And Analysis Of Data As A Minimum)
88364-*Recycled Voice Response Systems, Accessories And Supplies
88380-*Telephone Switching (Pbx) Systems
88390-*Voice Mail Systems
91551-*Information Highway Electronic Services (Internet, World Wide Web, Virtual Tours To Include Construction Renderings, Etc.)
91579-*Telecommunication Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
91596-*Web Page Design, Management And Maintenance Services
91890-*Strategic Technology Planning And Consulting Services
92045-*Software Maintenance/Support
92046-*Software Updating Services
92047-*Support Services, Computer (Includes Computer Warranties)
92049-*Systems/Executive Software, Main Frame
92056-*Systems/Executive Software, Microcomputer
92063-*Systems/Executive Software, Minicomputer
92066-System/Network/Database Administration Services
92075-*Technical Writing and Documentation, IT Services
92076-*Testing of Systems Infrastructure, Components or Software, IT Services
92091-*Training, Computer Based (Software Supported)
92094-*Word Processing Software, Main Frame
92095-*Word Processing Software, Microcomputer
92096-*Word Processing Software, Minicomputer
92474-Special Education
93673-Security And Access Systems Maintenance And Repair
95841-*Fleet Management Services
95850-*Fuel Management Services
95868-Support Services, Management
95874-Personnel Management Services
95877-Project Management Services
95882-*Records Management Services (Including Document Management Services Which Also Includes Technology Integration)
95889-*Telecommunications Management Services
99050-*Installation Of Security And Alarm Equipment
90684-Telecommunications Systems (Telephone, Radio, Etc.) - Architectural


1ESBD_File_188781_DIR-CPO-TMP-449 Bid Package 1 RFO.zipSolicitation Package
2ESBD_File_188781_RFO449_Addendum 1_RFOdoc.zipAddendum 1: Modification to optional Pre-Proposal Conference.
3ESBD_File_188781_RFO449_Addendum2_v01.docxAddendum 2: Webinar cancellation notification to be re-scheduled for a later date/time.
4ESBD_File_188781_RFO449_Addendum3_v01.zipAddendum 3: Re-scheduled webinar notification with date/time and link to reserve a seat.
5ESBD_File_188781_RFO449_Addendum4_v01.zipAddendum 4: Provides materials for the upcoming pre-solicitation, answers to questions and corrected documents.
6ESBD_File_188781_ESBD_File_188781_RFO449_Addendum5_v01.zipAddendum 5: Posted April 7, 2020, provides materials from the pre-solicitation conference held on March 30, 2020, including the attendee list and updated RFO documents. NOTE: Some answers have been deferred to a subsequent addendum.
7ESBD_File_188781_DIR-CPO-TMP-449 Addendum 6.zipAddendum 6: 4/16/2020 Related Documents.
8ESBD_File_188781_ESBD_File_188781_RFO449_Addendum7.zipAddendum 7: 4/21/2020 Related Documents.
9ESBD_File_188781_ESBD_File_188781_RFO449_Addendum8.zipAddendum 8: 4/28/2020 Related Documents.
10ESBD_File_188781_Addendum 9.zipAddendum 9: 5/4/2020 Related Documents.