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Driver Responsibility Program

Status: Closed Solicitation ID:   405-18-R129702A

Response Due Date: 7/30/2018

Response Due Time: 3:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 405

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 6/27/2018

Last Modified: 7/30/2018 3:00 pm

Solicitation Description: DPS is seeking a Contractor to provide a Solution to perform collection services for surcharge fees owed to the State of Texas under DRP and to provide a customer service call center, in accordance with this Statement of Work (SOW).

Class/Item Code: 94633-Collection Services, Financial Debt


1ESBD_File_135608_Driver Responsibility Program RFO_405-18-R129702.pdfDriver Responsibility RFO
2ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.1 HUB Subcontracting Plan.pdfExhibit G.1 HUB HSP
3ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.2 Change Order Request Form.pdfExhibit G.2 Change Order Request Forn
4ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.3 Change Order Acceptance Document.pdfExhibit G.3 Change Order Acceptance Document
5ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.4 Final Acceptance Document.pdfExhibit G.4 Final Acceptance Document
6ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.5 Cyber Security Contract Requirements.pdfExhibit G.5 Cyber Security Contract Requirements
7ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.6 IT Standard and Requirments.pdfExhibit G.6 IT Standards and Requirements
8ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.7 Texas Application for Payee ID Number.pdfExhibit G.7 Texas Application for Payee ID
9ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.8 Direct Deposit Authorization.pdfExhibit G.8 Direct Deposit Authorization
10ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.9 Taxpayer ID No and Certification (W-9).pdfExhibit G.9 Taxpayer ID Number and Certification
11ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.10_Exceptions Summary Form.pdfExhibit G.10 Exceptions Summary Form
12ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.11 Department (IT) Entry Exit Criteria.pdfExhibit G.11 Department IT Entry and Exit Criteria Form
13ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.13 Standard Terms and Conditions v20180622.pdfExhibit G.13 Standard Terms and Conditions
14ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.14 Information and Certifications Form.pdfExhibit G.14 Information and Certifications Form
15ESBD_File_135608_Exhibit G.15 IT QM Defect Handling Instructions.pdfExhibit G.15 IT QM Defect Handling Instructions
16ESBD_File_135608_Addendum A-001 - Q&A.pdfAddendum A-001, Q&A