Film and Film Supplies for the State Records Center

Status: Awarded Solicitation ID:   306-18-0583

Response Due Date: 7/19/2018

Response Due Time: 10:00 AM

Agency Number: 306

Days Solicited: 14+ Days for Entire Solicitation Package

Solicitation Posting Date: 7/5/2018

Last Modified: 7/25/2018 10:49 am

Solicitation Description: The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is seeking bids from qualified vendors to provide film and film supplies under this Invitation for Bid (IFB). These supplies will be used by the Imaging Department and must be delivered as soon as practicable to our State Records Center, located at 4400 Shoal Creek Blvd, Loading Dock #1, Austin, TX 78756. TSLAC currently images hard copy documents upon request for their customers. The finished product is either delivered to the customer or stored for permanent retention in the State Records Center (SRC) warehouse.

Addendum: 7/10/2018 - Addendum 1 Question and Answer. An update to products list. 7/10/2018

Class/Item Code: 57570-Raw Microfilm
57545-Microfilm Process Chemicals
57531-Cabinets And Filing Boxes, Microfilm


1ESBD_File_136547_18-0583_SRC Film and Film Supplies_Final.pdfThis is the Official PDF Solicitation.
2ESBD_File_136547_18-0583_SRC Film and Film Supplies_Draft 3.docxThis is the Word format of the Solicitation for the Vendors convenience.
3ESBD_File_136547_18-0583_Addendum 1_Q&A_Final.pdfAddendum 1

Contractor Name Mailing Address Value Per Contractor Contractor Hub Status Award Date Award Status
Allan Enterprises 581 Borges Ct., Folsom, CA 95630 42781.10 NOT HUB CERTIFIED 7/24/2018 Full Award