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TEX-AN 2021: Communications Technology Offerings

Solicitation ID: DIR-CPO-TMP-552

Status: Addendum Posted

Contact Name: Sarah Noel

Contact Number: 512-475-4505

Contact Email: sarah.noel@dir.texas.gov

Response Due Date: 3/15/2021

Response Due Time: 2:00 PM

Agency/Texas SmartBuy Member Number: 313

Days Solicited: 21+ Days for Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Posting Date: 1/4/2021

Last Modified: 1/13/2021 2:34 pm

Solicitation Description:

The objective of this Request for Offer (RFO) is to establish a comprehensive portfolio of communications technology contracts with multiple Service options that will satisfy DIR Customers’ broad public service and business requirements. The primary objective of the TEX-AN 2021 Program is to obtain competitive and comprehensive communications technology managed services, commodities and solutions for DIR Customers, acting by and through the DIR. DIR’s vision is to evolve the Texas Agency Network program (TEX-AN) program to enhance the customer experience with modern, integrated, and secure telecommunication services, providing rapid and consistent delivery at a competitive price.

Addendum: 1/7/2021 - Addendum 1: Notification of system downtime. 1/7/2021
Addendum #2 - This Addendum modifies the solicitation for TEX-AN 2021: Communications Technology Offerings, Solicitation No. DIR-CPO-TMP-552, released January 4, 2021. It provides information concerning: 1) BidStamp Vendor Information System (VIS) (details on page 2); and, 2) Provides answers to questions received (see attached Q&A Document). 1/13/2021

Class/Item Code: 20413-*Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, Etc.
20416-*Chips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (Ram And Rom), Network, Simms, Etc.
20420-*Communication Control Units: Concentrators, Multiplexers, Couplers, Scan Converters, Etc.
20446-*Imaging Systems, Microcomputer (Including Digital Imaging Network (Din), Technology, And Digital Imaging Communications In Medicine (Dicom)
20464-*Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Firewall Devices, Hubs, Line Drivers, Msaus, Routers, Transceivers, Etc.
20491-*Servers, Microcomputer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, Etc)
20513-*Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, Etc., Environmentally Certified Products
20516-*Chips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (Ram And Rom), Network, Simms, Etc., Environmentally Certified Products
20520-*Communication Control Units: Concentrators, Multiplexers, Couplers, Scan Converters, Etc., Environmentally Certified Products
20546-*Imaging Systems, Microcomputer (Including Digital Imaging Network (Din), Technology, And Digital Imaging Communications In Medicine (Dicom), Environmentally Certified Products
20564-*Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Firewall Devices, Hubs, Line Drivers, Msaus, Routers, Transceivers, Etc., Environmentally Certified Products
20591-*Servers, Microcomputer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, Etc), Environmentally Certified Products
20614-*Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, Etc.
20620-*Communication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), Network Cards, Etc.
20623-*Communication Processors And Protocol Converters: Front-End Processor, Network Interface Module, Protocol Interchange, Switching Controls, Etc.
20656-*Imaging Systems, Mini And Main Frame Computer (Incl. Digital Imaging Network And Technology)
20664-*Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Hubs, Line Drivers, Msaus, Routers, Transceivers, Etc.
20687-*Servers, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, Etc.)
20689-*Storage Devices, Electronic (Disk Drive Compatible)
20827-*Communications: Networking, Linking, Etc. (Includes Clustering Software)
20928-*Communications: Networking, Linking, Etc.
20991-*Utilities: Back-Up, Batch File, Menus, Network Management, Operating System, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, Etc.
72654-*Ground Stations, Satellite: Transmit/Receive And Receive Only (Including Antennas)
83833-*Communications: Networking, Linking, Fiber Modems, Power Over Ethernet, Wireless
83834-*Communication Security Systems
83835-*Communication Systems, Integrated (Includes Telephone, Clock, Intercom, Etc.)
83840-*Controllers, Remote, Wireless, Infrared/Radio Frequency
83845-*Emergency Radio/Telephone Systems (411, 911 Etc. Dispatch)
83847-*Emulators, Telecommunication
83881-*Telecommunication Equipment (Via Satellite) For Emergency Vehicles (Including Radio Terminal Display)
83883-*Telecommunication (Internet Protocol) Network Monitoring, Surveillance, Intrusion Detection Systems And Networking Products
83885-*Telecommunication Parts And Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
83891-*Translation Equipment
83896-*Wire And Cable, Telecommunication (Not Otherwise Specified)
83983-*Telephone Cards
91526-*Edi (Electronic Data Interchange) Value Added Network (Van) Services
91549-*High Volume, Telephone Call Answering Services (See 915-05 For Low Volume Services)
91551-*Information Highway Electronic Services (Internet, World Wide Web, Virtual Tours To Include Construction Renderings, Etc.)
91575-*Telephone Services, Cellular
91576-*Telephone Services Includes Installation, Moves, Changes, Adds, Programming, Removal, Training, Etc. (To Include Pay Telephones)
91577-*Telephone Services, Long Distance And Local (Including 800, Telex, Watts Services, And Offender Telephone Systems)
91579-*Telecommunication Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
91585-*Telecommunication Relay Services (Text Telephone (Tty)
Voice Carry Over (Vco)
Hearing Carry Over (Hco)
Speech-To-Speech Relay
Video Relay
Spanish Relay
7-1-1 Access To Trs
91593-*Voice Mail Services
91597-*Wiring Services, Data/Voice
92002-*Access Services, Data
92015-*Assessment And Profiling Services Of Software
92023-*Data Recovery Services
92024-*Data Conversion Services
92028-*Emergency Back-Up Services And Facilities For Data Processing
92029-*Facilities Management Services, Computer
92031-*Installation Of Computers, Peripherals, And Related Equipment (Including Software)
92035-*Modification Of Existing Equipment (Including Cost Of Parts)
92037-*Networking Services (Including Installation, Security, And Maintenance)
92041-*Retrieval Services, Information
92065-*System Requirements Quality Assurance Review
92066-System/Network/Database Administration Services
92077-*Teleprocessing Via Proprietary Data Bases
92084-*Teleprocessing, Business (Timesharing)
92090-*Teleprocessing, Scientific, Industrial, Medical, Etc. -Timesharing
92589-*Telephone Systems/Engineering
93649-*Intelligent Transportation Systems Equipment Maintenance And Repair
93921-*Computers, Data Processing Equipment And Accessories (Not Word Processing Equipment), Maintenance And Repair
93972-*Radio/Telecommunications/Telephone Equipment (Including 911 Systems And Facsimile Transceivers) Maintenance And Repair
93976-*Satellite Systems Maintenance And Repair
95823-*Computer Management Services
95889-*Telecommunications Management Services
96218-*Cable Construction, Installation And Maintenance (Fiber Optic, Communication, Computer, Etc.)
98569-*Radio And Telecommunications Equipment And Accessory Rental Or Lease (Including Radio Towers)
98576-*Teleconference Systems Rental Or Lease
98577-*Telephone Systems And Portable Phones (Including Pagers) Rental Or Lease
99028-*Document Recovery Services, Disaster (Including Paper Documents/Film/Tapes Etc)
99050-*Installation Of Security And Alarm Equipment
99080-*Surveillance Services


1ESBD_File_223660_Tex-AN 2021_Initial Posting.zipInitial RFO package including all required attachments and forms.
2ESBD_File_223660_TEX-AN 2021_DIR-CPO-TMP-552_Add1.docxAddendum 1 posted 1/7/2021: Notification of system downtime.
3ESBD_File_223660_ESBD_File_223660_TEX-AN 2021_DIR-CPO-TMP-552_Add2.zipAddendum #2