Contract Details: # 915-M2 exp.6/30/2018

Number 915-M2 exp.6/30/2018
Description Parcel Mail Expedited Delivery Service (Formerly 915-C1)
Category Managed
Type Term
Start Date 12/2/2012
End Date 6/30/2018
Purchase Category Code(Agencies Only) PCC C
Optional Renewal Terms Extension: June 1, 2018, through June 30, 2018
Purchase Orders Customers will issue an internal purchase order that references this CPA Contract Number and current item description(s) and pricing as stated on this contract. The Contractor will not ship any products or provide related services until receipt of a Purchase Order generated by the State Agency, Higher Education or Cooperative member.
NIGP Code(s) 915
CPA Contract Management Questions regarding contract management issues, price changes, amendments or other post-award concerns should be directed to:

SPD Contract Management Office (SCMO)
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA)
Phone: (512) 463-3034 option 3
Contract Items and Pricing 915-M2 Price Sheet 2016(XLS)

  1. Customers are required to establish an internal purchase order (PO) against the Contract referencing the contract number 915-M2 and the NIGP Class/Item code. The purchase order should reflect the closest monetary value of expected expenditures.
  2. EXAMPLE: Estimated annual expenditures are $2,000. Complete and submit the purchase order for the contractor of choice. The quantity will be 2,000 units. Releases will be placed against this order up to the maximum of $2,000. Tracking expenditures during the term of the order is required so as not to exceed the amount.
  3. Designate the beginning and end dates (aligning end date with the term of the contract) on each purchase order.
    START DATE: Date of PO or date indicated
    END DATE: Align with end date of contract - Reference Section C

Each customer will be responsible for coordinating accounts with the contractor.
Contractor shall establish a unique invoice account and shipper number under this contract for every customer and invoice each customer directly at their respective invoice address.


    This contract shall provide parcel mail expedited delivery service for qualified customers. This is an optional use contract. Each customer will be responsible for determining if this service is the most cost effective and beneficial for their purposes.

    Services to be defined as follows:
    Pick-up, applied postage to, sort and deliver mail/parcels to the appropriate United States Postal Service (USPS) Destination Delivery Unit (DDU), Sectional Center Facility (SCF), Processing and Distribution Centers (P & DCs) and/or Bulk Mail Centers (BMC) anywhere within the 48 contiguous states in accordance with USPS regulations. These services will be of an expedited nature, picked up from the ordering entity and delivered to the respective USPS facility within a maximum 15 hour period.

    Mail/parcels shall be delivered to the USPS destination within 36 to 48 hours after pickup from ordering entity.

    The Contractor(s) will furnish the above services for mail restricted to items weighing 1 ounce to 15.99 ounces: mail containing BOUND PRINTED MATTER weighing 1 lb. to 15 lbs., and mail containing material other than BOUND PRINTED MATTER weighing between 1 lb. and 70 lbs. Definitions for standard mail specified in the current USPS Domestic Mail Manual apply to this Contract. All mail received shall be processed in accordance with the proper postal rate. All mail shall conform to all applicable State and Federal Regulations for common carriers and Railroad Commission *Regulations.

    Note: mail pieces that are deemed non-eligible for processing shall not be returned to the Customer. Instead non-eligible mail shall be handled at appropriate rates and forwarded to USPS for delivery. Non-eligible mail piece is any mail piece that does not meet the requirements of this Section. Examples include but are not limited to first class mail, letter sized mail or pieces outside the weight limits. The contractor will prepare all appropriate postal documentation to effect a drop shipment at the appropriate destination postal facility. The contractor may use another method of shipment other than USPS for parcel services based on state rates and not commercial published rates, provided it is not prohibited by the USPS Private Express Statutes.

    Any parcels with a weight of 10 lbs. to 70 lbs. may be shipped by an alternate method that would be in the best interest, and the Best Value to the State of Texas. Contractor shall specify or identify alternative services that may be used in accordance with this provision.

    Any parcel shipped via ground services shall conform to all applicable state and federal regulations for common carriers.

    Any assessment of fines by the USPS or other entities shall be the responsibility of the contractor and not the Customer.

    The contractor must allow Customer(s) the option for Delivery Confirmation Services.

    Contractor can apply Delivery Confirmation as needed. If Customer chooses to apply Delivery Confirmation, label compliance and approval will be needed.

      Measurements provided for information only:
      Minimum: 5"L x 3-1/2"H x 0.007"Thick
      Maximum: 11-1/2"L x 6-1/8"H x 1/4"Thick

    3. FLAT SIZE - May be wrapped, unwrapped, sleeved or enveloped:
      Minimum: 11-1/2"L x 6-1/8"H x 1/4"Thick
      Maximum: 15"L x 12"H x 3/4"Thick

      Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route rate pieces:
      Maximum: 14"L x 11-3/4"H x 3/4"Thick

    4. MEDIA MAIL - Maximum 70 lbs

      BOOKS - at least 8 pages - Books may contain no advertising other than incidental announcements of other books.

      FILM - 16mm or narrower.

      PRINTED MATERIALS: music, test materials, play scripts, educational charts.

      VIDEO/SOUND RECORDINGS - may include incidental announcements of recordings and guides or scripts prepared solely for use with such recordings.

      LOOSE-LEAF PAGES AND BINDERS consisting of medical information.


    5. BOUND PRINT MATTER (BPM) - WEIGHT: Up to 15 lbs.
      *Catalogs, directories, books, and other printed material and consists of advertising, promotional, directory, or editorial material. BPM must be securely bound by permanent fastening and consist of sheets of which at least 90% are imprinted by any process other than handwriting, typewriting with letters, characters, figures, or images. BPM cannot have the nature of a personal correspondence or be stationary.

      Minimum 6 ozs.
      Maximum: 35 Lbs.

      Maximum: 25 Lbs.
      Minimum: 6"L x 3"H x 1/4"Thick
      Maximum: 34"L x 17"H x 17"Thick

      Parcels that do not meet the dimensional criteria of machinable parcels that cannot be processed by parcel sorters, including:

      1. Rolls and tubes up to 26" long
      2. Merchandise samples not individually addressed
      3. Unwrapped, paper-wrapped, or sleeve-wrapped articles that are not letter size or flat-size (e.g. Bond Printed, catalogs, or directories)

      See Also: mailing-and-shipping-services.aspx

      Parcels that exceed the dimensions and standards for the other categories, Might be subject to surcharge if Parcel Post.

      Contractor shall pick-up mail at the customer's location statewide on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. Any exception to this will be approved by the Customer.

      Customers may consolidate mail pieces with other customers (for pick-up at a single location) to meet minimum requirements.

      Each time a parcel is picked up from a Customer, the contractor must sign a receipt indicating pick-up time, date and total number of parcel pieces.

      The contractor must provide for and guarantee the security of all mail picked up from Customers and mail should be transported in an enclosed and locked vehicle. The contractor shall take all necessary precautions to ensure against damage, loss or theft while in possession of the mail or at any time while the mail is in the responsibility of the contractor as in the case where subcontractors are utilized. The contractor shall utilize a building that is properly secured in order to ensure adequate protection against damage, loss or theft. Immediately upon becoming aware of any damage, loss or theft of any Customer's mail, the contractor shall report this to the Customer and CPA.

      The contractor shall have a disaster recovery and back-up plan which includes, but is not limited to equipment, personnel, facilities, and transportation in order to continue services as specified under this contract in the event of a disaster.

      In the event the contractor fails to perform pursuant to the terms and conditions of this contract, the CPA, at its sole option, may assess liquidated damages as provided, and/or seek any other remedies available either in equity or at law. If services are not performed in the time required, liquidated damages will be assessed requiring the contractor to pay the sum of $100 per calendar day to each customer for each day of delay.

      The contractor will be notified by letter if damages are assessed and the total amount will be deducted by the customer from the next invoice submitted for payment. If there are no outstanding invoices the contractor will be instructed to submit the total amount within 30 days of notification. Failure to pay liquidated damages will result in the termination of the contract.

    1. INVOICES:
    2. BILLING: All charges shall be billed to the specific customer's billing address as specified on each Purchase order and reference the customer's purchase order number on each invoice. Billing will be required at a minimum monthly. The Contractor shall establish a unique billing account and may invoice customers at intervals of their choosing with adequate detail to identify date of service, entity billing number and cost. All customers shall be invoiced at the same rate per piece for identical weights.

    3. CORRECTIONS: The customer shall return any invoices for correction of invoicing errors without prejudice. Under no circumstance should an invoice discrepancy not be resolved within 15 days from notification by customer. Any problem not resolved will be filed against the contractor as a complaint. Continuous non-compliance and complaints regarding invoice errors may result in the contractor being assessed damages and may be cause for cancellation of contract.

    4. PAYMENTS: All charges shall be invoiced to the specific customer at the invoice address as specified on the purchase order. The contractor shall make every effort to accommodate customer's invoice requirements. Payment of outstanding invoices shall be made at least monthly and in accordance with the state's Prompt Pay Act. Any and all payments shall be in compliance with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts eXpendit State Purchase Policies.

    1. SPD CONTACT: Questions concerning technical specifications should be directed to:

      Ruben Gonzales
      (512) 475-5605


      Dee Dorsey

  • Adding New Products to the Contract Additional products or services of the same general category that are not already on the contract may be added by submitting an Open Market Requisition to the Statewide Contract Development section at .
    Delivery Delays by Contractor If delay is foreseen, Contractor shall give written notice to the Customer and must keep Customer advised at all times of status of order.

    Default in promised Delivery Days After Receipt of Order (ARO) without accepted reasons or failure to meet specifications authorizes the Customer to purchase goods and services of this contract elsewhere and charge any increased costs for the goods and services, including the cost of re-soliciting, to the Contractor.

    Failure to pay a damage assessment is cause for contract cancellation and/or debarment or removal of the contractor, as applicable, from the State's Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL).
    Compliant Products by Contractor Delivery does not occur until the Contractor delivers products, materials or services in full compliance with the specifications to Customer's F.O.B. destination, unless delivery is specifically accepted, in whole or in part, by the Customer. Providing products, materials or services which do not meet all specification requirements does not constitute delivery.

    Customer reserves the right to require new delivery or a refund in the event that materials or products not meeting specifications are discovered after payment has been made.
    Purchase Order Cancellation The Customer may request that a Contractor cancel a specific line item or an entire purchase order. There shall be no fees charged for cancellation of an item and/or order prior to shipment by the Contractor. A Purchase Order Change Notice should be processed and sent to Contractor.
    Restocking Fee for Returned Products The Customer may request that a Contractor accept return of products already delivered. If the return is required through no fault of the Contractor, the Contractor may request a reasonable restocking charge. The Customer may pay a restocking charge if the CPA or Customer determines that the charge is justifiable. As a guideline, such charges shall not exceed 10%.
    Substitutions During the Contract term, the Contractor shall not substitute a product or brand unless the Contractor has obtained prior written approval from the CPA Contract Manager in coordination with the Customer. The Contractor must have written confirmation from the CPA Contract Manager of the substitution before making delivery.
    Contractor Performance Statewide Procurement Division (SPD), administers a vendor performance program for use by all customers per Texas Government Code (TGC), §2262.055, and 34 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §20.108. The Vendor Performance relies on the customer's participation in gathering information on vendor performance. State agency customers shall report vendor performance on purchases of$25,000 or more from contracts administered by CPA, or any other purchase of $25,000 or more made through delegated authority granted by CPA (TAC 20.108), or purchases exempt from CPA procurement rules and procedures. State agencies are additionally encouraged to report vendor performance on purchases under $25,000.

    Vendor Performance shall be reported through the CPA VENDOR PERFORMANCE TRACKING SYSTEM.

    The purpose of the Vendor Performance Tracking System is to:
    • Identify vendors that have exceptional performance
    • Aid purchasers in making a best value determination based on vendor past performance
    • Protect the state from vendors with unethical business practices
    • Provide performance scores in four measurable categories for the CMBL vendors
    • Track vendor performance for delegated and exempt purchases

    Contractor Information