Contract Details: # TXMAS-18-7104

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Number TXMAS-18-7104
Description Worksurfaces, Workstations, Computer Furniture and Accessories
Category TxSmartBuy
Start Date 2/27/2018
End Date 1/29/2023
Fed GS-27F-001AA
Purchase Category Code(Agencies Only) PCC X
Optional Renewal Terms No renewals remaining
Purchase Orders
  • The contractor’s TXMAS contract number clearly identified.
  • Order Limitation The contractor is not required to accept orders below the minimum listed below. Orders between the minimum and maximum listed below are subject to the pricing of the underlying contract.

    Minimum order:
    $100.00 Net; with Shipment to One Destination

    Maximum order:
    $500,000.00 Net; with Shipment to One Destination
    State Contracts Prior to purchasing from a TXMAS contract, public procurement personnel must follow applicable procurement procedures as stated in the Procurement and Contract Management Guide. Agencies must first purchase products or services offered by WorkQuest, Texas Correctional Industries (TCI), and the Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) Term Contracts.
    CPA Contract Management Questions regarding contract management issues, price changes, amendments or other post-award concerns should be directed to:

    SPD TXMAS Program
    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA)
    Phone: (512) 463-3034 option 3
    Approved Products/Services Only products or services listed in the underlying contract may be purchased from this TXMAS contract, with one exception. Incidental, off-schedule items may be purchased as "best value, open market" items provided that they are necessary for product integration or product completeness. The purchasing entity is responsible for ensuring that the quoted price for such incidental items is fair and reasonable. These incidental items may be added to the TXMAS purchase order if they are clearly labeled as "open market (OM), best value" items.

    Incidental items may not exceed $5,000.00 OR 50% of the purchase order total, whichever is less.

    If the pending order includes incidental items that exceed the stated limits, a request may be submitted by the Customer to the Statewide Procurement Division for review and consideration of an exception. Exception requests shall be submitted to The request must include a copy of the complete contractor quote listing all core items and a detailed incidental charge breakdown.
    Contract Specifics/Notes Installation is not part of the base and TXMAS contract, therefore should be entered under the TXMAS incidentals tab on the “Add Item to Cart” screen.

    TXMAS prices may be validated against the base contract's price list. TXMAS contractors are authorized to charge up to 1.5228% more than their base contract price.

    GSA Price List

    GSA Terms and Conditions

    Quantity Discounts
    54.34% (1-14 Units)
    55.78% (15+ Units)
    Delivery 28 days ARO.
    FOB Point FOB Destination. Freight added as a separate line item.
    Compliant Products by Contractor Customer reserves the right to require new delivery or a refund in the event that materials or products not meeting specifications are discovered after payment has been made.
    Rebate Reporting Requirement for Federal Pursuant to Texas Government Code § 2155.510(b), rebates generated from TXMAS contract purchases made in whole or in part with federal funds must be reported by the purchasing agency to the appropriate federal funding agency. Each quarter of the State's fiscal year (September 1 through August 31), TXMAS contractors rebate 0.73875% of their TXMAS sales to the State of Texas via the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA). It is the purchasing entity's responsibility to report the amount of rebate attributed to federal funds to the federal fund-provider using the above percent based on the total dollar value of the TXMAS purchase order.

    Example: A purchasing entity receives and uses federal funds of $50,000 to purchase items/services on a TXMAS contract. The purchasing entity must report to the federal fund-provider that a sales rebate of $369.37 ($50,000 * 0.73875% = $369.37) will be paid to the State of Texas by the TXMAS contractor.
    Contractor Performance The Statewide Procurement Division Contract Management Office (SCMO), a division of the Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA), administers a vendor performance program for use by all customers per Texas Government Code (TGC), §2262.055, and 34 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §20.108. The Vendor Performance relies on the customer's participation in gathering information on vendor performance. State agency customers shall report vendor performance on purchases of $25,000 or more from contracts administered by CPA, or any other purchase of $25,000 or more made through delegated authority granted by CPA (TAC 20.108), or purchases exempt from CPA procurement rules and procedures. State agencies are additionally encouraged to report vendor performance on purchases under $25,000.

    Vendor Performance shall be reported through the  CPA VENDOR PERFORMANCE TRACKING SYSTEM.
    The purpose of the Vendor Performance Tracking System is to:
    • Identify vendors that have exceptional performance
    • Aid purchasers in making a best value determination based on vendor past performance
    • Protect the state from vendors with unethical business practices
    • Provide performance scores in four measurable categories for the CMBL vendors
    • Track vendor performance for delegated and exempt purchases

    Contractor Information

    VID: 18377647112

    Contractor: Swiftspace Inc.

    Contact Name: Robert J Way


    Phone: (519) 573-5673

    Alternate Contact Name: Mirjana Stupar

    Alternate Email:

    Alternate Phone: (519) 624-5949

    Address: 825 Trillium Dr Kitchener ON N2R-1J9 Canada

    Dealers Information

    Dealer VID: 12019047948

    Dealer: Office Equipment Direct - Houston

    Contact Name: Robert Way


    Phone: (281) 453-8804

    Fax: (281) 453-8806

    Address: 14911 Stueber Airline Rd., Ste. A Houston TX 77069

    HUB Eligibilty: HI

    HUB Gender: F

    Dealer VID: 17603465463

    Dealer: Hallmark Office Products

    Contact Name: Robert Way


    Phone: (713) 688-1333

    Fax: (713) 688-1412

    Address: 5650 Guhn Road #124 Houston TX 77040

    Dealer VID: 17527032280

    Dealer: Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.

    Contact Name: Robert Way


    Phone: (972) 250-1970

    Fax: (972) 250-2229

    Address: 2535 E. State Hwy 121 Suite 110-B Lewisville TX 75056

    Dealer VID: 17420675922

    Dealer: Wells & Kimich, Inc.

    Contact Name: Lynne Marucci


    Phone: (832) 243-7016

    Fax: (713) 856-9988

    Address: 5530 Brystone Dr. Houston TX 77041

    HUB Eligibilty: AI

    HUB Gender: M

    Dealer VID: 12026385679

    Dealer: Total Office Solutions

    Contact Name: Christine Sterling


    Phone: (254) 235-8200

    Address: 3721 Franklin Ave Waco TX 76710

    Dealer VID: 12708465245

    Dealer: Navajo Office Products, LLC

    Contact Name: Tommy Sansom


    Phone: (806) 372-2236

    Address: 1200 S. Taylor Amarillo TX 79101

    HUB Eligibilty: HI

    HUB Gender: M

    Dealer VID: 12618096163

    Dealer: B&H Total Office Solutions, Inc.

    Contact Name: Jeannie Norris


    Phone: (817) 430-8345

    Address: 120 Sam Bass Ridge Rd. Southlake TX 76092

    HUB Eligibilty: WO

    HUB Gender: F

    Dealer VID: 18444518957

    Dealer: Officewise Commercial Interiors, LLC

    Contact Name: Tommy Sansom


    Phone: (806) 372-2236

    Address: 1200 S. Taylor Street Amarillo TX 79101