Contract Details: # 748-W1

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Number 748-W1
Description Aggregate, Asphaltic & Non-Asphaltic (West Region)
Category TxSmartBuy
Type Term
Start Date 12/8/2017
End Date 9/30/2018
Purchase Category Code(Agencies Only) PCC A
Purchase Orders Only purchase orders issued through TxSmartBuy are eligible for contract pricing. The Contractor will not ship any products or provide related services until receipt of a Purchase Order generated by the TxSmartBuy system.
NIGP Code(s) 745-01; 745-02

745-04; 745-06

745-08; 745-21

745-65; 745-67

745-77; 745-80

745-87; 750-04

750-21; 750-35

750-52; 750-95

CPA Contract Management Questions regarding contract management issues, price changes, amendments or other post-award concerns should be directed to:

SPD Contract Management Office (SCMO)

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA)

Phone: (512) 512) 463-3034 option 3

Contract Specifics/Notes 748-W1 Contract Item List (West)
Adding New Products to the Contract Additional products or services of the same general category that are not already on the contract may be added by submitting an Open Market Requisition to the Statewide Contract Development section at .
Delivery Delays by Contractor If delay is foreseen, Contractor shall give written notice to the Customer and must keep Customer advised at all times of status of order.

Default in promised Delivery Days After Receipt of Order (ARO) without accepted reasons or failure to meet specifications authorizes the Customer to purchase goods and services of this contract elsewhere and charge any increased costs for the goods and services, including the cost of re-soliciting, to the Contractor.

Failure to pay a damage assessment is cause for contract cancellation and/or debarment or removal of the contractor, as applicable, from the State’s Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL).
Compliant Products by Contractor Delivery does not occur until the Contractor delivers products, materials or services in full compliance with the specifications to Customer’s F.O.B. destination, unless delivery is specifically accepted, in whole or in part, by the Customer. Providing products, materials or services which do not meet all specification requirements does not constitute delivery.

Customer reserves the right to require new delivery or a refund in the event that materials or products not meeting specifications are discovered after payment has been made.
Purchase Order Cancellation The Customer may request that a Contractor cancel a specific line item or an entire purchase order. There shall be no fees charged for cancellation of an item and/or order prior to shipment by the Contractor. The cancellation must be processed through the TxSmartBuy system.
Restocking Fee for Returned Products The Customer may request that a Contractor accept return of products already delivered. If the return is required through no fault of the Contractor, the Contractor may request a reasonable restocking charge. The Customer may pay a restocking charge if the CPA or Customer determines that the charge is justifiable. As a guideline, such charges shall not exceed 10%.
Substitutions During the Contract term, the Contractor shall not substitute a product or brand unless the Contractor has obtained prior written approval from the CPA Contract Manager in coordination with the Customer. The Contractor must have written confirmation from the CPA Contract Manager of the substitution before making delivery.
Contractor Performance Statewide Procurement Division (SPD), administers a vendor performance program for use by all customers per Texas Government Code (TGC), §2262.055, and 34 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §20.108. The Vendor Performance relies on the customer's participation in gathering information on vendor performance. State agency customers shall report vendor performance on purchases of$25,000 or more from contracts administered by CPA, or any other purchase of $25,000 or more made through delegated authority granted by CPA (TAC 20.108), or purchases exempt from CPA procurement rules and procedures. State agencies are additionally encouraged to report vendor performance on purchases under $25,000.

Vendor Performance shall be reported through the CPA VENDOR PERFORMANCE TRACKING SYSTEM.

The purpose of the Vendor Performance Tracking System is to:

• Identify vendors that have exceptional performance

• Aid purchasers in making a best value determination based on vendor past performance

• Protect the state from vendors with unethical business practices

• Provide performance scores in four measurable categories for the CMBL vendors

• Track vendor performance for delegated and exempt purchases

Contractors Information

VID: 12720131015

Contractor: AKA Materials

Contact Name: Sue Fowler


Phone: (214) 785-5716

Address: PO Box 994 Allen TX 75013

HUB Eligibility: WO

HUB Gender: F

VID: 17429951969

Contractor: Allen Keller Company

Contact Name: Shawna Waite


Phone: (830) 997-2118

Address: PO Box 393 Fredericksburg TX 78624

VID: 14536811327

Contractor: Big Creek Sand and Gravel

Contact Name: Mike Williams

Email: Hprock@Bigcreeksg.Com

Phone: (806) 273-7501

Address: PO Box 3190 Borger TX 79008

VID: 17427312255

Contractor: Capital Aggregates LTD

Contact Name: Lee Scheel

Email: lee.scheel@Capitolaggregates.Com

Phone: (210) 445-3589

Address: PO Box 33240 San Antonio TX 78265-3240

VID: 12734916989


Contact Name: Kristie Dodd


Phone: (580) 323-8685

Address: PO Box 337 Clinton OK 73601

VID: 17602444022

Contractor: Cleveland Asphalt Products Inc

Contact Name: Frieda Ortiz


Phone: (800) 334-0177

Address: PO Box 1449 Shepherd TX 77371

VID: 17428240844

Contractor: Colorado Materials, LTD

Contact Name: Brandon Casanova

Email: Don@Hunterind.Com

Phone: (512) 396-1555

Address: PO Box 2109 San Marcos, TX 78667-2109

VID: 18603249782

Contractor: Crafco Inc

Contact Name: Angie Hoagland


Phone: (602) 276-0406

Address: 6165 W. Detroit St. Chandler AZ 85226

VID: 17522039183

Contractor: CSA Materials Inc

Contact Name: Karen Hernandez

Email: Karenh@Reecealbertinc.Com

Phone: (325) 655-4511

Address: PO Box 60693 San Angelo TX 76906

VID: 16406664116

Contractor: Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc

Contact Name: Beth Roe

Email: Beth.Roe@Ergon.Com

Phone: (512) 469-9292

Address: 11612 Rm 2244 Bldg 1, Suite 250 Austin TX 78738

VID: 12601006476

Contractor: HD Supply White Cap Construction

Contact Name: Rye Dugosh


Phone: (210) 240-7598

Address: 2037 E. Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth TX 76103

VID: 17427660273

Contractor: Industrial Asphalt Inc

Contact Name: Robert Sutton


Phone: (817) 403-7146

Address: 9020 North Capital Texas Highway Building Two Suite #250 Austin TX 78759

VID: 17509717157

Contractor: J. Lee Milligan, Inc.

Contact Name: Ricky King

Email: Michael@Jlminc.Net

Phone: (806) 373-4386

Address: PO Box 30188 Amarillo TX 79120

VID: 17510951217

Contractor: JLB Contracting, LLC

Contact Name: Terry Patterson


Phone: (817) 876-8091

Address: PO Box 24131 Fort Worth 76124

VID: 18611334071

Contractor: Jobe Materials L.P.

Contact Name: Rey Loya

Email: Stanley@Jobeco.Com

Phone: (915) 298-9900

Address: 1150 Southview El Paso TX 79928

VID: 12735320678

Contractor: KLP Commercial, LLC

Contact Name: Chase Wilkins


Phone: (817) 894-7793

Address: 400 W. Main Street, Suite 100 Round Rock 78664

HUB Eligibility: AI

VID: 17514358344

Contractor: La Fuller & Sons Construction Ltd.

Contact Name: Joshua Fuller

Email: Josh@Fullerandsons.Com

Phone: (806) 373-6049

Address: PO Box 31477 Amarillo TX 79120

VID: 17522188618

Contractor: Loraine Quarry Products

Contact Name: Aaron Myers


Phone: (325) 677-6258

Alternate Email:

Address: 5401 S 1st Street Abilene TX 79605

VID: 17520810536

Contractor: Martin Asphalt Company

Contact Name: Victoria Espino


Phone: (713) 350-6852

Address: Three Riverway Suite 1250 Houston, Texas 77056

VID: 15618485781

Contractor: Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.

Contact Name: Lisa Araujo


Phone: (210) 208-4070

Address: 5710 West Hausman Rd., Suite 121 San Antonio, Texas 782-1646

VID: 1364106407


Contact Name: Chad Strohl


Phone: (815) 754-5700

Address: PO BOX 467 Dekalb IL 60115

VID: 12737222179

Contractor: RK HALL LLC

Contact Name: Brandon Gibson


Phone: (903) 647-0581

Address: 5020 SE LOOP 286 Paris TX 75460-6576

VID: 32056544177

Contractor: San Saba Aggregates LLC

Contact Name: Billy Renard


Phone: (936) 523-3278

Address: PO Box 2671 Montgomery TX 77316

VID: 18611446107

Contractor: Superior Crushed Stone

Contact Name: John Schuler


Phone: (512) 656-7123

Address: 1405 E. Riverside Dr. Austin TX 78741

VID: 14213298665

Contractor: Uretek Usa, Inc.

Contact Name: Edward Hibbard


Phone: (817) 907-2987

Address: PO Box 1929 Tomball TX 77377

VID: 12626437342

Contractor: Volcanic Stone

Contact Name: Garlance Getman


Phone: (806) 935-6966

Address: 1557 Fm 2203 Dumas TX 79029

VID: 16312118330

Contractor: Vulcan Construction Materials LP, San Antonio TX

Contact Name: Kevin Vaughn


Phone: (210) 524-3577

Address: PO Box 791550 San Antonio TX 78279

VID: 15224072486

Contractor: Waller County Asphalt, Inc.

Contact Name: Teri Huber


Phone: (979) 826-7075

Address: 22010 Fairgrounds Rd. Hempstead TX 77445

VID: 32042396153

Contractor: West Infrastructure Construction LLC

Contact Name: Misty Wilson


Phone: (806) 771-6440

Address: 2836 Clovis Rd. Lubbock TX 79415

VID: 17520286828

Contractor: West Texas Paving, Inc.

Contact Name: Daniel Buntoro


Phone: (806) 833-2880

Address: PO Box 64187 Lubbock TX 79464

VID: 19541895009

Contractor: Wright Asphalt Products Co

Contact Name: Susan Morse-Hinton

Email: Info@Wrightasphalt.Com

Phone: (281) 452-9084

Address: 11931 Wickchester Suite 101 Houston TX 77043-4501

VID: 17510597200

Contractor: Zack Burkett CO

Contact Name: Sandra Underwood


Phone: (940) 549-0436

Address: PO Box 40 105 Industrial Blvd, Graham TX 76450