Contract Details: # 380-M1

Number 380-M1
Description Dairy and Juice Products (Fresh) Scheduled Delivery
Category Managed
Type Term
Start Date 7/15/2016
End Date 8/31/2018
Purchase Category Code(Agencies Only) PCC C
Optional Renewal Terms September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019

September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020
Contract Items and Pricing 380-M1 Price Sheet (xls)

Adding New Products to the Contract Additional products or services of the same general category that are not already on the contract may be added by submitting an Open Market Requisition to the Statewide Contract Development section at .

Contractors Information

VID: 19121350607

Contractor: Borden Dairy Company of Texas, LLC

Contact Name: Ray Gibson


Phone: (855) 226-7336

Alternate Contact Name: Eugene Ybarra

Alternate Email:

Address: 5327 S. Lamar Street Dallas, Texas 75215

VID: 14311804018

Contractor: Hiland Dairy Foods Company, LLC

Contact Name: Gabe Andes


Phone: (214) 353-8507

Address: 302 S. Porter Norman OK 73071

VID: 17422063952

Contractor: Hill Country Dairies, Inc

Contact Name: Toby Spinks


Phone: (512) 836-6123

Alternate Contact Name: Carl Schoener

Alternate Email:

Address: 912 Kramer Lane Austin, Texas 78708

VID: 17525713644

Contractor: Southern Foods Group, LLC dba Oak Farms Dairy of Houston

Contact Name: Tammy Simonson


Phone: (713) 547-7185

Address: 3430 Leeland St Houston TX 77003

VID: 17525713644

Contractor: Southern Foods Group, LLC dba Oak Farms Dairy of San Antonio

Contact Name: Jeff Hulme


Phone: (210) 559-9478

Address: 1314 Fredricksburg Rd. San Antonio TX 78201