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Procurement Oversight & Delegation

The Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) is pleased to announce the new Procurement Oversight & Delegation (POD) team, formally known as the Contract Advisory Team-Review and Delegation (CAT-RAD) team. The name has been changed to add clarity to the team's role in the contract review process. The CAT-RAD web application has also been renamed; it's now the Procurement Oversight & Delegation Portal.

As always, solicitations that must be submitted through the Procurement Oversight & Delegation portal include:

  • Solicitations associated with Major Information Resources Projects that require Quality Assurance Team review.
  • Solicitations and delegation of purchasing authority requests for contracts for services at a value of $100,000 or greater, including the attachment of any applicable proprietary justifications.
  • Solicitation documents and contract documents for contracts that have a value of at least $5 million or greater during the full term of the contract, including any renewal periods authorized under the contract.

View the Procurement Oversight & Delegation website>>

Please contact the Procurement Oversight & Delegation team for questions or assistance at spd.oversight@cpa.texas.gov.

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Disaster Recovery Purchases

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has provided rules and guidance relating to federal disaster assistance. Customers must determine whether their purchases meet the requirements imposed based on their source of funding. The Comptroller’s office may provide information about the base contract, TXMAS terms and conditions, and contracting process to inform that determination. The Comptroller’s office cannot advise whether a particular purchase will be allowable under the terms of a particular grant or other agreement. Any determination that a cost is not allowable will be made by FEMA or other appropriate federal entity.

Vendors: Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL)

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Vendors, increase your business awareness potential by registering with the state's Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL).

This is the first step to display your business information to our state agencies, local governments and other cooperative purchasing partners. Opportunities are out there!

SPD News and Updates

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Effective January 1, 2019 
The Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) transitioned to the Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP) for Vaccines and Biologicals on July, 1, 2018. The current contract for 269-M2, Influenza Vaccines, expires Dec. 31, 2018. SPD will be transitioning this contract to MMCAP. If you have already submitted an application to join MMCAP, you do not need to submit a new one in order to access the Influenza Vaccine program.

For contract and application information, please visit the 269-C1 Texas SmartBuy Contract Details pageTexas state agencies and Texas SmartBuy members are eligible for membership.

To place pre-booking orders for Influenza Vaccines in time to avoid waitlists or shortages, pre-orders need to be placed in January – April each year for delivery by August – October. To ensure that there is no disruption of service, SPD needs to receive the agency’s or Texas SmartBuy member’s MMCAP application as soon as possible.

For more information regarding the MMCAP contract, please contact the Statewide Contract Management Office at 512-463-3034, Option 3, or by email at MMCAP.Texas@cpa.texas.gov.

New State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide
Statewide Procurement Division released the State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide. This guide is a complete rewrite of the State of Texas Procurement Manual and the State of Texas Contract Management Guide, which are merged into one document to provide a holistic approach to government procurement.

Cooperative Purchasing with a Texas SmartBuy Membership

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We have a new name and look!

The State of Texas Cooperative Purchasing Program for local governments is now called the Texas SmartBuy Membership Program.

Gain access to State of Texas contracts and resources by
becoming a member today! Ensure compliance with State of Texas competitive bidding requirements and put the state's multi-billion dollar purchasing power to work for you.

To learn more about the Texas SmartBuy Membership, search
eligibility requirements and our active member list or speak to a live representative today by using the contact information below.


Texas SmartBuy. Your Best Value Marketplace.

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Texas SmartBuy. Your Best Value Marketplace.

Texas SmartBuy is the State of Texas best value marketplace for non-IT goods and services. As the state's central eProcurement system, state agencies and local governments utilize this site for hundreds of competitively bid and awarded state contracts with over 1.5 million items available.

Need assistance with your online purchase order or finding items available for purchase? We're here to help you! Contact the Texas SmartBuy Help Desk at txsmartbuy@cpa.texas.gov or call toll free at 1-888-479-7602. Find user guides on our Help Page.

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